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Grand opening in Georgia: report from the scene

December 26, 2022

Last month, the company’s two new offices in Georgia welcomed their first guests. After a couple of weeks, when the first impressions had already subsided, and life returned to the working rhythm, we met with the team at the grand opening ceremony in Tbilisi and Batumi to celebrate this new stage and start the winter holidays.

The ISsoft team appeared in Georgia at the beginning of spring, and since then has managed to turn into a real circle of friends: the guys regularly pleased us with news about how they travel around the country together, meet at master classes and just spend working (and not only) time in co-working spaces rented for them in Tbilisi and Batumi.

The appearance of their own office was only a matter of time – and this time has come. In November of this year, two offices at once opened their doors to our local team. Then the event was celebrated with an excursion and a festive buffet table: we talked about this in the last article.

The official part was also not long in coming: a month later, on December 13th and 15th, a gala party was held for the team in honor of the opening of new offices.

The celebration began within the walls of the “perpetrators of the events”: the ceremonial part took place here. Anna Metreveli, General Manager of the company in Georgia, after warm congratulations and parting words, cut the red ribbon – a symbol of a new beginning.

In addition to the local team, guests from the Belarusian office of ISsoft joined the event: a leadership team from Minsk flew specially for the opening to personally congratulate the guys and share this important event with them.

After the official part, the team went to a restaurant for an evening program. While the guests were gathering at the place of events, a buffet table was laid for them and a DJ performance was arranged.

When everyone had already gathered, the presenter invited the head of the office and guests from Belarus to the microphone: they made a solemn speech and congratulated the employees on the appearance of their cozy corner in Tbilisi and Batumi.

The evening continued with a musical program: the ensemble of Georgian polyphony “Geofolk”, as well as the duet of Nina Sevastyanova and Tumanov Music, performed for its participants. The combination of modern songs and colorful folklore did not leave any listener indifferent.

The culmination of the evening was the moment when a cake was brought into the hall, decorated with the company logo, transformed into the “motto” of the party and the first year of work in Georgia – the words “Discovering Georgia” with an emphasis on the letters IS.

Music, dancing, talking about work and not only continued until the very night: at the holiday we managed to create the very atmosphere that our company is so proud of – where everyone feels like a part of something bigger.

We congratulate the Georgian ISsoft team on the opening of new offices and the upcoming holidays! We wish you not to lose this magical feeling of one big family and, of course, find more and more wonderful occasions to meet.