AI and machine learning

Our expertise

We welcome an innovative approach and support innovation in the work of our team. In the field of AI and machine learning, we explore the areas of image processing, computer vision, and natural language processing.

Image processing and computer vision

ISsoft engineers explore real-time and offline image and video processing technologies, from vulnerability scanners and sports trackers to intelligent object monitoring. Our R&D approach inspires ML engineers to develop intelligent ML solutions to automate complex decision-making processes based on images and videos. In R&D laboratories we develop and improve technologies and design systems:

  • face recognition;
  • detection and extraction of objects;
  • object tracking;
  • face swap;
  • biometric identification.

Natural language processing

ISsoft ML engineers conduct innovative research and apply innovative methods to create software for recognition and processing of unstructured written and spoken speech based on ML models and algorithms. The projects of our R&D laboratories are aimed at finding solutions for:

  • optimization of search queries;
  • advisory services;
  • forecasting sales volumes;
  • forecasting customer churn;
  • checking the source code for vulnerabilities;
  • text-to-speech conversion;
  • speech-to-text conversion;
  • custom search engines.

Machine learning in industries


  • Individual online consultation and treatment
  • The use of robotics in the education of medical professionals
  • Easy storage of personal data
  • Effective prevention and diagnosis of diseases
  • Integration of ML into the process of developing new drugs and their production


  • Optimization of class scheduling
  • Simplification of the educational process
  • Virtual training
  • Personalization of the educational process
  • Creation of smart content


  • Deep understanding of customer needs
  • Creation of content based on analytics
  • Accurate forecasting of sales and market behavior
  • Optimization of marketing campaigns
  • New insights to improve product positioning
  • Reduced customer churn
  • Smart-systems of cash terminals
  • Reduction of marketing costs to increase ROI

Electronic commerce

  • Retargeting potential customers
  • Integration of chatbots and virtual assistants
  • Customization of the shopping process
  • Filtering fake reviews
  • Automation of sales processes
  • Improvement of product search

Innovative ML Implementation Strategy

Data analysis

We study the client’s business and, using data mining methods, provide datasets for creating ML models. By classifying and analyzing sequences using programming tools, our Data Scientists extract information from a large array of raw data and prepare high-quality data for compiling algorithms for training ML models.

Simulation and training

We create and train machine learning models for AI-enabled software development. Our specialists use both pre-trained models and create custom machine learning models on order.

Combining our knowledge of mathematics and algorithms with an R&D approach, we test ML model frameworks for decision support. The ISsoft team evaluates how the selected models perform the expected business tasks by training ML models using cloud-based solutions such as Amazon SageMaker or on their own hardware.

Consulting and customization

When creating ML models, we focus on optimization and selection of machine learning algorithms. We carefully analyze the problems faced by our clients and advise on the most effective mode of optimizing an ML model.

We also explore the optimal strategies for software development projects with the integration of ML technology. Our Data Scientists and ML engineers design possible patterns, recommend technology stacks, evaluate architectures, and advise clients on other technical aspects of projects.

Creation and implementation

The ISsoft team carefully examines the process of implementing a machine learning model for building modern AI solutions and integrating them into corporate software products.

We use an R&D approach to design, train and implement an ML model using Amazon SageMaker or Microsoft Azure ML. Our ML developers collect data and train and deploy models. We ensure the high accuracy of the models through testing in the production environment, fixing errors and constantly improving it.

Deployment and hosting

The process of implementation and hosting – from creating a model on the platform to continuous testing of the model – is an integral part of the R&D process in our company. Our Data Scientists research and control every aspect of an ML model as it is deployed to the cloud. We wrap the ML model source code in a separate container, deploying the ML model as a web service using the popular Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure platforms.

Technology stack

Programming languages

Machine learning libraries

ML platforms

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