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Open blockchain solutions

R&D labs at ISsoft provide excellent opportunities for creating decentralized open blockchain solutions for cryptocurrencies, voting and ratings, social networks and other systems. ISsoft blockchain development teams hone their skills in internal laboratories and create state-of-the-art solutions based on open blockchain platforms Ethereum, Graphene or EOS.IO.

Smart contracts

ISsoft developers innovate to maximize business efficiency through smart contracts. Their use ensures the safe implementation of transactions and agreements without the participation of third parties. The result of our R&D research is to reduce the number of errors, risks and costs in the development of DApps.

Cryptographic protocols and algorithms

The ISsoft team analyzes popular cryptographic protocols and algorithms, and also conducts internal research with subsequent integration into the blockchain solutions of our clients. Our team’s research and development is based on various protocols and algorithms, including:

  • zero-knowledge proof;
  • public key infrastructure;
  • self-sovereign identity approach;
  • homomorphic encryption;
  • secure multi-party computation.

Private Blockchain Solutions

Our blockchain engineers research and develop enterprise solutions based on private blockchain networks using the Hyperledger, Corda and Quorum platforms. Our innovations are focused on creating efficient and reliable tools for storing and sharing information, and our engineers are focused on developing secure and stable blockchain solutions that combine efficiency and a high level of privacy.

Blockchain network infrastructure

At ISsoft, blockchain engineers have the opportunity to study the integration of blockchain networks into an enterprise infrastructure. By studying and developing new technologies in internal R&D laboratories, our developers implement their achievements in our customers’ projects. As a rule, our blockchain network infrastructure R&D processes include:

  • integration and migration of blockchain networks;
  • testing and monitoring of blockchain networks;
  • automation of software deployment processes.

Cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets

In the ISsoft innovation labs, our team is experimenting with the implementation of reliable centralized and decentralized solutions that allow transactions to be carried out on cryptocurrency exchanges. Our blockchain developers also create secure e-wallets for various cryptocurrencies, providing significant protection against system hacking to steal user information.

Blockchain technologies in industries

Banking and finance
  • Setting up instant payments
  • Reduced counterparty risk
  • Tracking of the sources of assets and a complete history of transactions
  • Standardized operating processes
  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Increase transparency of operations for stakeholders
  • Accounting for the cost of medicines
  • Record keeping of clinical trials
  • Secure patient data management
  • Automation of sales processes
  • Fraud detection
  • Monitoring of load capacity in real time
  • Transparent supply chain management
  • Reducing the cost of courier delivery
  • Identity theft protection
  • Storage of identification data in an encrypted digital node
  • Strong access control to digital data
Real estate
  • Optimization of rental payments
  • Secure transaction database
  • Reduction of acceptance costs and real estate taxes
  • Stimulation of real estate transactions

Innovative Blockchain Implementation Strategy

Blockchain Implementation Consulting

ISsoft blockchain engineers provide professional advice on integrating blockchain technology into our client’s business. Our development team assists clients in selecting the most appropriate blockchain platform and recommends the technology stack and network infrastructure to maximize the performance of their business.

DApp Development

In our labs, we test and build scalable, reliable blockchain-based decentralized applications. Our innovative approach spans the full spectrum of DApp development processes, from implementation consulting to maintenance. DApp research and design processes include:

  • creation of the concept and architecture of DApp;
  • development and testing of the blockchain;
  • application of advanced methods of cryptography;
  • DApp deployment;
  • DApp integration with other technologies;
  • development of the user interface.

Development and support of enterprise-solutions based on blockchain

Enterprise-level blockchain integration has many benefits, including scalability, security, and cost reduction. To increase the productivity of a client’s business, ISsoft is exploring the possibilities of converting business ideas into first-class blockchain solutions for enterprises.

В Combined with our innovation-driven approach and deep understanding of blockchain technology, ISsoft blockchain engineering team is capable of designing a solution from the ground up. To successfully implement blockchain solutions, we test it at every stage, from the development of consensus algorithms and architecture to the application of advanced cryptography practices and post-launch support.

Cryptography and Security Consulting

Security is often neglected by many enterprises due to the need to bring a solution to market quickly. Research and development at ISsoft is focused on helping our clients improve the security of their blockchain systems with strong cryptography techniques.

Our experts conduct a security audit of our clients’ blockchain solutions to identify hidden vulnerabilities. We also perform cryptanalysis and provide security by designing a secure system architecture and applying cryptographic best practices before a product is released to the market.

Technology stack

Frameworks for creating private blockchains

Open Blockchains

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