Internet of things

Our expertise

Wearable devices

Our IoT innovations help wearable device manufacturers create highly responsive smart solutions for running, swimming, golf, diving and other sports and fitness. The advanced functionality of such solutions allows you to track, save, schedule and share information about the progress of users. Our developers are constantly researching ways to effectively innovate wearable devices functionality, including:

  • geolocation and navigation;
  • built-in storage for music;
  • contactless payments;
  • training plan support;
  • health monitoring during the day;
  • functions of measurement of pulse.

CNC machines

Through comprehensive technology research, our developers apply their best practices in CNC software development. Our R&D approach promotes research and innovation in engineering software solutions, including IIoT architecture design, gateway development, cloud computing and storage, and IIoT-based dashboard development.

Fleet management

ISsoft engineers innovate fleet management systems, making them more efficient and safer. In our labs, we explore how IoT technologies integrated into applications can help you track your fleet in real time and gain actionable insights for informed decisions. Based on significant research experience, we develop fleet management software with advanced functionality. Some of the features being implemented include:

  • control of drivers in real time;
  • monitoring of vehicle performance;
  • traffic safety of vehicles and driver;
  • generation of analytical reports;
  • predictive maintenance analysis;
  • outage notifications.


Our developers are testing and innovating IoT applications for medical platforms to provide remote medical care to patients. In this area, our innovations are focused on improving the way data is stored and shared, as well as providing new forms of communication with patients using voice and video conferencing in remote areas. Our R&D areas include telemedicine solutions such as:

  • diagnostics;
  • remote cardiotherapy;
  • remote management of pregnancy;
  • remote care for the elderly;
  • remote examination of the lungs.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems

Our IoT engineers develop IoT-enabled HVAC smart solutions for building management systems. At ISsoft R&D labs, our teams innovate and integrate smart cooling and heating functions to reduce energy consumption. For maximum system efficiency, we research and implement advanced IoT functionality, including:

  • data tracking on several types of sensors;
  • custom temperature control;
  • end-to-end encryption to protect data streams;
  • access control based on tokens;
  • device status monitoring;
  • convenient update features.

Smart House

In our R&D labs, we research and develop smart home automation software. Whether you need to develop intelligent control sensors, server portals, home automation systems or internal network components, the ISsoft team always takes an innovative approach. Some of the smart home systems we explore include:

  • home security;
  • heating and cooling;
  • voltage regulation in the electrical network;
  • air conditioning and ventilation;
  • access control.

IoT in industries

  • Better quality control
  • Convenient stock management
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Smart accounting
  • Intelligent packaging
  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Improving operational control
  • Intelligent air ventilation system
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics
  • Collection of system data
  • Network management
  • Livestock monitoring system
  • Monitoring of climatic conditions
  • Automation of greenhouses
  • Monitoring of agricultural crops
  • Integrated farm management systems
  • Remote monitoring of the patient
  • Improvement of ERP-systems
  • Automation of preventive medical care
  • Accounting for and compliance with the medication regimen
Sports and fitness
  • Intelligent player data collection system
  • Correction of rehabilitation plans using IoT analytics
  • Analytics to improve team strategy

Innovative IoT Implementation Strategy

Embedded Software Development

ISsoft engineers develop efficient embedded systems for IoT infrastructure based on the characteristics of hardware solutions, controllers and smart devices. To bring proven innovation to embedded software, we constantly conduct our own research and experimentation. Our research is aimed at enabling hardware sensors to track movement and physical processes, as well as transfer data to the cloud for analysis.

Firmware and API development

Our IoT engineers conduct research to develop low-level APIs and firmware for IoT solutions. By applying our expertise and best practices in R&D, we select the right libraries for customers’ hardware to ensure they work in accordance with the necessary licenses and requirements. Our developers use COAP, SOAP and REST protocols with DES, RSA and AES encryption to exchange data between devices, services and applications.

Development for IoT gateways

At ISsoft Labs, we develop innovative IoT gateway solutions that track, store and transmit data from edge systems to the cloud. Based on the research results, we select the appropriate interfaces and protocols for the IoT infrastructure of projects. Based on our experience and R&D practices, we create IoT gateway solutions with basic and advanced features, which include:

  • automatic discovery, verification and authorization of devices;
  • strong encryption and user authentication;
  • data storage on the gateway;
  • peripheral computing;
  • data filtering;
  • configurable data handling rules;
  • analytics.

Cloud Server Deployment

By researching and developing cloud IoT solutions for our clients, ISsoft engineers help them to process, manage and automate smart objects within their IoT infrastructure. We use Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure to design, build and deploy a cloud client architecture for IoT. By applying R&D methods, we ensure that it meets customer requirements and industry standards for scalability, reliability, connectivity, security, and other standards.

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