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Two childhood friends Igor and Sasha, despite the ocean and 8000 km between them, decided to create a joint IT business.

In Minsk, in an apartment on Storozhevskaya Street, the first ISsoft team of six people began work. Today, many years later, five of them continue to work for the company.

First trip to the US for a John Deere customer. While changing flights, the team’s luggage was lost, including the laptop with all the developments and a presentation for the client.

First crisis. The project with John Deere ended, and most of the company’s employees were left without work.

Successful signing of contracts with several major clients. Most of them continue to cooperate with ISsoft until now. None of the employees have been made redundant.

ISsoft becomes Gold Microsoft Partner.

The company moves to an office in Minsk, Chapaeva 5, where it occupies several rooms on the fourth floor. Today, part of the ISsoft team continues to work in this building, but already occupying 75% of its area.

A contract was signed with a small American startup Lighthouse 1, which over time will develop into the largest project of the company and is still successfully ongoing.

The 100th employee joined ISsoft.

ISsoft has been accepted as a resident of the Hi-Tech Park, one of the largest IT and high-tech clusters in Central and Eastern Europe.

The Company’s Training Center was opened. Every year, hundreds of employees improve their professional level in the Training Center on the job.

The ISsoft basketball team becomes the champion of the IT Spartakiad in Minsk. In the following years, our team repeatedly confirmed its title.

ISsoft becomes an Amazon Web Services partner.

For the first time, the company entered the rating of the largest IT companies in the world – Software 500. Since then, ISsoft has been increasing its place in the rating every year.

ISsoft has crossed the threshold of 500 specialists.

The company becomes a Xamarin Premier Partner.

A development center was opened in Brest (Belarus).

The company entered the top 5 residents of the Hi-Tech Park.

ISsoft has grown to 800 employees.

ISsoft held the first open professional technology conference ISsoft Insights.

ISsoft has 1000 employees.

Together with Amazon Web Services, the Innovation 2019 conference was organized in Minneapolis.

ISsoft has a new office in Minsk, on Gursky str, 44.

ISsoft held a remote hackathon “Beat COVID-19” to find a solution to the fight against the pandemic.

Development centers opened in Lithuania and Ukraine.

The charity project Online Run Initiative has been launched.

The 1500th employee has joined the ISsoft team.


ISsoft is one of the largest developers of IT solutions for the US and Western European markets. It was founded in Minsk in 2004 as a subsidiary of Coherent Solutions, Inc. (USA). ISsoft offices in Georgia opened in 2022.

ISsoft development centers employ more than 2200 qualified employees. The company is annually included in Inc.5000, Software 500, Fast 50 Minneapolis ratings. ISsoft engineers have successfully implemented more than 1,000 projects for customers from various fields: finance, insurance, medicine, automotive production, entertainment, tourism and travel. The company’s customers include John Deere, Daikin Applied, Videology and other well-known brands.


Our values are a solid foundation on which work at ISsoft is built.
We form a corporate strategy and choose the direction of activity, guided primarily by these values. They help us stay on track, make the right decisions, and attract the right employees and customers.

Passion for excellence
We are ready to take risks and develop by performing tasks outside our comfort zone. Obsessed with a passion for new knowledge and overcoming ourselves, we are always looking for new opportunities for self-development.
Integrity and professionalism
Honesty, conscientiousness and professionalism in work - without exceptions and concessions.
Customer focused
Providing services at the highest, world level. The problems and successes of our clients, their needs and expectations - this is what our attention is focused on.
Team above self
We are ready to sacrifice our time, convenience and comfort for the benefit of the team and worry about team recognition more than about our own.
Results oriented
Politics remains outside the threshold of our work. Our employees are focused on creating quality. They are result-oriented, while being flexible in terms of how to achieve it. Quantitative indicators are used whenever possible to measure progress.

ISsoft receives high marks in the Software 500, Inc. 5000 ratings every year, and is also a recognized partner of the world’s leading technology companies. We are pleased to offer our employees a job with a modern technology stack in a company to be proud of.


How is work in ISsoft organized? What should newcomers pay attention to? How is ISsoft different from other companies? What makes us love our work? These and other questions are answered by ISsoft employees.

Anna Metreveli
General Manager
Igor Epshteyn
President & Chief Executive Officer
Robert Duff
Chief Operating Officer
Maksim Belov
Chief Technology Officer
Michael Kittock
VP of Strategic Account Management
Kami Holtz
VP of Business Development
Alexandre Schneerson
General Manager
Gennadiy Cherkes
Technical Director
Eugen Sinkevich
Director of Delivery
Andrei Yurevich
Director of Career Development
Boyan Antonov
General Manager
Dmytro Sennikov
General Manager
Lina Siumete
General Manager
Alina Sandru
General Manager
Maxim Sandu
General Manager
Grzegorz Piatkowski
General Manager
Ivan Lavrinovich
Deputy General Manager & Delivery Manager
Silvino Leon
General Manager
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