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Is VR just for gaming? Debunking this myth with Vision Pro

July 16, 2023

Apple, known for its innovation, recently introduced its new device called Vision Pro. In this article, UX Department Manager from Coherent Solutions Lithuania, Alexey Novik, talks about potential fields for application of this device. For a complete understanding, we recommend that you take a look at Apple’s presentation.

If you are interested in more technical details, check out Alexey’s detailed analysis on his page.

Vision Pro combines design and advanced technology for comfortable long-term use. The high-quality displays provide visualization complemented by the LiDAR sensor familiar to iPad and iPhone users for accurate environmental depth recognition.

While Apple doesn’t specify a specific reality type for this device, Alexey believes the Vision Pro falls into the Mixed Reality (MR) category. It combines elements of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), allowing users to interact and perceive both virtual and real environments at the same time.

While VR devices are predominantly associated with gaming and entertainment, Apple sees the Vision Pro as a device that can replace our everyday gadgets, from desktops to laptops, tablets and phones. The device could bring transformational change to several other industries. Alexey explored some of the exciting possibilities:

Studies and education

Vision Pro has the potential to transform learning using interactive methods.

In teaching, Vision Pro excels in two key areas. First, images high resolution and realistic models bring the process closer to real life situations. Secondly, precise and intuitive interactions promote motor memory training and error-free practice. Image quality can even affect the use of digital books.

The device can be used to simulate realistic scenarios, allowing students to practice complex procedures, medical operations, or even research historical events.

Architecture and design

Architects and designers can greatly benefit from this technology.

– The device can be easily connected to your laptop, providing real-time updates to CAD models. Chemical and physical simulations can also reach new levels of immersion, especially with the ability to use external computing resources.

Health and Therapy

Vision Pro can be used to manage pain, reduce anxiety and treat phobias by creating immersive and controlled environments.

-This device has the ability to smoothly move users from physical space to a virtual environment accompanied by spatial sounds, opening up possibilities for meditation and relaxation practices.

Virtual travel and tourism

Travel fans can go on a virtual tour with this device, getting a realistic sense of exploration and adventure. Such excursions to attractions, historical sites and natural wonders will be available to people who cannot travel physically.

In addition to the resource-intensive process of recreating real places, Alexey notes:

– Vision Pro can make it easier to preview 3D apartments for platforms like AirBnB and Booking. The device can improve the real estate industry. However, dynamic virtual travel is still at an early stage of development.

Remote collaboration

With virtual reality technologies, remote work takes on a new dimension. Professionals from different locations can gather in virtual spaces, exchange ideas and work on projects as if they were physically nearby:

-Virtual models capable of expressing emotions through integrated IR cameras made a lasting impression on me.

Want to dive deeper into the technological capabilities of Vision Pro? Follow the link to the pro-version of the analysis from our interlocutor.