ISsoft training center
For beginners

Young specialists with little or even no experience can join ISsoft after successfully completing corporate training. The course will take one and a half to three months, depending on the chosen specialty. We train Java, .NET and C++ developers, frontend and mobile developers, BI and DevOps specialists, QA automation and manual, business analysts and UX masters.

Training in ISsoft training center has significant differences:

  1. Individual approach. Trainees are engaged in an individual program. The course starts the day you are ready to begin. You don’t have to wait months for a group to be recruited. For university students there is a shortened school day – you can study for six hours instead of eight.
  2. Practical orientation. Our courses provide practical knowledge and skills applicable to real company projects. After successful completion of the course, students can immediately work effectively in production.
  3. Personal mentor. An experienced teacher works individually with each student: he/she forms the curriculum and explains the theoretical part, sets and checks tasks, explains and corrects mistakes.

IT courses from ISsoft are not a competition where five out of a group of forty trainees are hired. Successful completion of training is a 100% guarantee of employment with ISsoft. Moreover, our courses are not just free: the company pays for the time spent on training in our training center.

For experts

The work of ISsoft training center is not only to train beginners. Professional development is the key to success as an IT specialist. The company has developed a system of continuous on-the-job training for its employees. Dozens of lectures and training for all ISsoft employees on the most relevant topics are held in the training center throughout the year.

To systematize the knowledge of our employees, full-fledged training courses consisting of theoretical and practical parts are organized.

Employees can take a special individual training course in the ISsoft training center if they want to expand their horizons by learning a new programming language or a new technology.

Video recordings of each group training and lecture are available to all employees of the company.

For employees' children

During the summer vacations our training center organizes a summer school for children of employees. For a group of teenagers of 12-16 years old, theoretical and practical lessons on the basics of computer science, technologies and programming languages are held for a month.

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