Data and analytics

Business Intelligence as a Service

Many years ISsoft company has been implementing a wide range of projects related to big data. We help our clients with safe and reliable data storage, fast and accurate processing, transparent and up-to-date analytics and data visualization.

We develop the effective solutions for our client’s business – from integrating data into a BI system to developing an individual solution from scratch.

Data storage organization

Our Data Engineers transform unstructured historical data from multiple sources in a variety of formats into efficient storage to simplify analytics and make steady business decisions. Our industry expertise and knowledge of database technologies, as well as the experience in the field of data storage, allow us to create high-quality solutions for management and analytics of customer data. We combine our best practices and time-tested ETL processing to consolidate enterprise data and resolve inconsistencies by providing an accurate and up-to-date version of the data.

Data integration and migration

Our Data Engineers and Data Analysts study the client’s business to develop an individual strategy for integrating data into an analytical system. Having had many years of experience, supported by modern technologies, we can provide a wide range of data integration services. Whether you need to connect multiple data sources, process big data, or migrate it to a new storage technology, we provide high-quality data integration services in the shortest possible time and at a reasonable price.

Data visualization

Data visualization is an integral part of analytics in any business area. Interactive graphs and charts transform your data into a basis for management decisions. Our experts analyze the current reporting structure and suggest possible enhancements or develop custom data visualization solutions from scratch based on the client’s timely needs. We combine the best technological practices and expert knowledge to develop flexible solutions.

Data Quality Management

For more than 19 years, ISsoft has provided data quality assurance and management services to protect the client’s business from the unfavourable effects caused by poor data quality. We cover a wide range of data quality management processes, including verification, deduplication, cleaning and migration of various types of data, including ERP, CRM, industry data, departmental data and others.

Custom Database Development Teams

A high level of technology proficiency allows ISsoft engineers to provide quality services for the development and support of databases. Our professional services include database design and architecture, database development, modernization, support and maintenance. By improving the quality of database development, our specialized teams increase the efficiency of the client’s business.

Data Science

Data processing and analysis methodologies are a valuable asset for both a startup and a large organization. Combining Data Science and AI technologies, including computer vision, natural language processing or predictive analytics, we create the foundation for making effective business decisions. At ISsoft, we use various data science methodologies and technologies that help our clients bring work efficiency onto a higher level, personalize user experience, and predict user actions.

Our technology stack and experience

Database development and management

BI and Analytics

Data integration

Industry expertise

For 19 years ISsoft has been helping clients from diverse industries create products, reducing the time and cost of software development.



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